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Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

These terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) stipulate the terms and conditions for using “the Service” (hereinafter referred to as the service provided by MPC ltd, prescribed in Item 1, Article 2) and the rights and obligations between MPC  Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “”) and Members or other individual persons who browse MPC Ltd (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Users”) that use

Before using the Service, a User is required to agree to Terms of Use after reading it carefully. Once a User begins to use the Service, the User is deemed to have agreed to Terms of Use. If a User is a minor or lacks civil legal capacity, the User is required to obtain the consent of the User’s guardian or legal representative before using the Service.

Article 1 Application

1.1 With the purpose of stipulating the terms and conditions for using the Service and prescribing the rights and obligations between MPC ltd and Users regarding the use of the Service, Terms of Use applies to any relationship between Users and MPC ltd regarding the use of the Service.
1.2 If MPC ltd publishes any other terms, guidelines or rules (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Guidelines”) related to the use of the Service, the Guidelines shall be regarded as part of Terms of Use.
1.3 In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between Terms of Use and Guidelines, Guidelines shall prevail.

Article 2 Definitions

Each of the terms below used in Terms of Use has the meaning defined as follows.
(1) “Melonpanda” means the website operated by MPC ltd whose domain is “” (including the modified website if the domain or the content of Melonpanda needs modifying);
(2) “Member” means a natural person (with civil legal capacity) who has registered as a User of the Service in accordance with Article 3;
(3) “Transaction” means each act such as ordering conducted by a User by using Melonpanda;
(4) “Merchant” means a corporation that sells commodities by using Melonpanda;
(5) “User Information” means personal and private information and the transaction history disclosed to MPC ltd by Users.

Article 3 Registration

3.1 A natural person wishing to register as a Member (hereinafter referred to as “Registrant”) may apply to register to use the Service by consenting to comply with Terms of Use and providing certain information (hereinafter referred to as “Registration Information”) in a certain way stipulated by MPC Ltd.
3.2 MPC Ltd will, in accordance with its criteria, judge that whether to accept a registration or not and will notify the Registrant that has been accepted. Registration is completed as soon as MPC Ltd conducts the notification.
3.3 If a Registrant falls under any item as follows, MPC Ltd may refuse the relevant registration or re-registration and is not obligated to disclose the reason of refusing.
(1) all or some of the Registration Information submitted by the Registrant to MPC Ltd is false or incomplete;
(2) if the Registrant that is a minor or lacks civil legal capacity fails to obtain the consent of the Registrant’s guardian or legal representative when using the Service;
(3) by MPC Ltd's judgement, If a Registrant (a) belongs to an anti-social force (means an organized crime group, an organized crime group member, or any other equivalent entities, hereinafter has the same definition) or (b) interacts or participates in any method with and in an anti-social force, such as by cooperating with it or contributing to the maintenance, operation, or management of an anti-social force by some ways such as financing;
(4) by MPC Ltd's judgement, if the Registrant once breached Guidelines or Terms of Use in the past or is connected with the entity that breached Guidelines or Terms of Use;
(5) other situations and circumstances judged by MPC Ltd that is not suitable for registration.

Article 4 Change of Registration Information

4.1 If the Registration Information of a Member changes, the Member herein shall, without delay, update the Registration Information in the method prescribed by MPC Ltd. MPC Ltd is not liable for damage that occurs due to the reason that a Member fails to update the Registration Information.
4.2 A transaction that has happened before the change of Registration Information will continue on the basis of the former Registration Information. If there is necessity to notify Merchants about the change of Registration Information, a Member shall contact the Merchants directly.

Article 5 Management of User ID and Password

5.1 Each Member shall properly manage and retain his/her User ID and password and shall not let a third party use it or shall not lend, transfer, change the name of or trade the User ID and password.
5.2 Any act that has happened after logging in by using a User ID and password will be deemed as the act conducted by the Member related to the User ID and password herein.
5.3 A Member is responsible for the damage that occurs due to the insufficient management and misuse of a User ID and password or when the User ID and password is used by a third party for any reason. MPC Ltd is not liable whatsoever for the damage herein.

Article 6 Prohibited Acts

When using the Service, a User shall not conduct any act as follows. MPC Ltd will judge that whether a User has fallen under them or not by its own criteria.
(1) an act that violates laws and regulations or is related to crime;
(2) an act that offends or might offend social order and/or good morals;
(3) an act that infringes or might infringe the intellectual property rights, rights to privacy or other rights;
(4) An act that excessively burdens the network or system of the Service;
(5) An act that might hinder the operation of the Service;
(6) wrongfully accessing, or attempting to wrongfully access the network or system of MPC ltd;
(7) Posting images files with the malicious intent to rewrite code is forbidden and will be dealt with appropriately.
(8) impersonating MPC ltd or a third party, or intentionally spreading false information;
(9) using a User ID and password of other Users of the Service;
(10) using the Service with a purpose that is different from the purpose of use planned for the Service;
(11) collecting, disclosing or providing a third party’s personal information, Registration Information and using history information without prior consent;
(12)supplying benefits to an anti-social force or any other acts of cooperating with an anti-social force;
(13) directly or indirectly causing or facilitating the acts prohibited herein;
(14) other acts judged by MPC Ltd that is inappropriate and improper.

Article 7 Indemnification

If MPC Ltd directly or indirectly suffers any damage, loss or expense (including but not limited to attorney fees) resulting from a User’s breach of laws and regulations and Terms of Use (including the situations and circumstances in which MPC Ltd receives a complaint or claim from a third party), the User shall immediately indemnify MPC Ltd as required.

Article 8 Suspension of Service

8.1 In following situations and circumstances, MPC Ltd may suspend or interrupt all or part of the Service without notifying Users in advance:
(1) network system of the Service needs inspection or maintenance;
(2) computers, communication lines are disrupted by an accident;
(3) it becomes difficult or impossible to operate the Service due to an event of force majeure, such as an earthquake, a lightning strike, a fire, a storm or flood, a power failure or a natural disaster;
(4) other situations and circumstances judged by MPC Ltd that need suspension.
8.2 MPC Ltd is not liable for any damage that occurs to a User due to the measures MPC Ltd takes pursuant to this Article 8.

Article 9 Ownership of Rights

9.1 The copyrights relevant to the website of and the Service belong to MPC Ltd and the entity that has permitted MPC Ltd to use the copyrights. The permission to use the Service pursuant to Terms of Use does not convey any intention manifestation of permission to use the copyrights mentioned above.
9.2 The copyrights of reviews, comments and other contents transmitted by Users belong to the Users. The Users permit MPC Ltd to gratuitous and non-exclusively use the rights of copy, public transmission, distribution, translation, transfer, license, adaptation, publication and any other copyright usages specified in Copyright Act. The Users waive all moral rights specified in Copyright Act.
9.3 The permission mentioned in paragraph 9.2 is without condition of territory and limit of time.

Article 10 Deletion of Registration

10.1 If a Member falls under any of the situations and circumstances as follows, MPC Ltd may, without providing advance notice or a demand, delete the Member’s registration, interrupt all or part of the Service or take other necessary measures:
(1) the Member breaches Terms of Use or Guidelines;
(2) it is found that the Member’s Registration Information contains false information;
(3) the Member has not used the Service for one year;
(4) the Member has not made response for more than one month to an inquiry or other contacts from MPC Ltd;
(5) in necessary consideration of security, when the entry of a wrong password reaches a specified number of times;
(6) a Member falls under any of the items of paragraph 3.3.
(7) by judgement of MPC Ltd, a Member falls under the other situations and circumstances in which it is inappropriate and improper to use the Service or to register.
10.2 MPC Ltd is not liable for any damage that occurs to a Member due to any act that MPC Ltd conducts pursuant to this Article 10.

Article 11 Cancellation of Subscription

11.1 A Member may cancel using the Service and withdraw the Member’s registration by notifying MPC Ltd in the manner designated by MPC Ltd.
11.2 For Registration Information after cancellation of subscription, MPC Ltd will deal with it complying with the Article 16.

Article 13 Modification and Termination of the Service

13.1 MPC Ltd may, at its discretion, modify or terminate the Service.
13.2 MPC Ltd is not liable for any damage that occurs to a User due to the modification and termination prescribed in this Article 13.

Article 14 Introduction and Price of Commodities

MPC Ltd engages in trying to display and present the introduction and price of commodities correctively but bears no responsibilities for the relevant accuracy, completeness, newness, and reliability.

Article 15 Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

15.1 MPC Ltd is not responsible for any damage from interruption, delay, discontinuation of systems, loss of data due to failures of communication lines and/or computers, and the damage from unauthorized access and any other damage from using the Service.
15.2 MPC Ltd does not guarantee that emails and contents from Web pages, server and domain of are virus free and harmless.
15.6 MPC Ltd may give Users information and advice, however, MPC Ltd will not take any responsibilities of the damage from using the information and advice.
15.7 MPC Ltd is not liable for damage caused by a User due to breaching Terms of Use and Guidelines.

Article 16 Confidentiality

Users shall, as required by MPC ltd, regard and deal with the unpublished information that MPC ltd discloses to Users as confidential information, unless approved by MPC ltd in writing in advance.

Article 17 Handling of User Information

17.1 MPC Ltd will treat and handle User information in accordance with the Privacy Policy stipulated by MPC Ltd.
17.2 MPC Ltd may, at its discretion, use and disclose the information by which a individual cannot be identified. Users shall not object to the use and disclosure.

Article 18 Amendment of Terms of Use

MPC Ltd may, anytime when necessary, without advance notice, amend and/or modify Terms of Use and publish the amended and/or modified Terms of Use on

Article 19 Notice

Inquiries related to the Service and any other contacts or notice from Users to MPC Ltd shall be conducted in the method stipulated by MPC Ltd.

Article 20 Assignment of Status as a Party

20.1 Each User shall not, about and for the status as a party of the relationship of the Service, assign, transfer, establish the security right or conduct any other acts of disposition.
20.2 If MPC ltd transfers or cedes to other entities, MPC Ltd status as a party of the relationship of the Service, the rights and obligations and User information specified in Terms of Use will also be transferred and ceded. Users are deemed to have consented to the transfer and ceding.

Article 21 Access History

In order to analyze Users’ access history and their usage, and to provide optimized services for other Users, MPC Ltd may accumulate and collect the information of IP address, identification number of mobile phones and the use history of Users.

Article 22 Rejection of Anti-Social Forces

22.1 Each User shall confirm and guarantee that the User is not/dose not belongs to currently and will not be/belong to in the future, (a) an organized crime group or a member of an organized crime group; (b) a person that has quitted the status of being a member of an organized crime group less than five years; © an associate member of an organized crime group; (d) a corporation related to an organized crime group; (e) a corporate racketeer (sokaiya); (f) a member (shakai undo-to hyobo goro) that commits the rogue acts in the name of social movements; (g) a group(tokushu chino boryokushudan-to) that commits fraudulent acts using its expertise and relationships with anti-social forces for its own interest (all the items mentioned above hereinafter collectively referred to as “Anti-Social Forces”). Each User shall also confirm and guarantee that the User does not fall under currently and will not fall under in the future the situations and circumstances as follows.
(1) using Anti-Social Forces for one’s own or a third party’s improper interests, or harming a third party;
(2) found that is related to and funds or supplies convenience to Anti-Social Force.
22.2 Each User shall confirm and guarantee that the User will not conduct any of the following acts or use a third party to conduct any of the following acts:
(1) using violence;
(2) asking for unjust demands that is not rightful and illegal ;
(3) conducting threatening behavior or violence in connection with a Transaction;
(4) damaging the other entities’ credibility or reputation and obstructing that entities’ business by spreading rumors, using fraudulent means or using fraudulent force;
(5) any other acts equivalent to the items above.

Article 23 Severability

23.1 Even if part of Terms of Use becomes null and void or unenforceable according to Consumer Contract Act or any other laws and regulations, the rest part of Terms of Use shall continue in full force.
23.2 For some specific Users if part of Terms of Use becomes null and void or is revoked, Terms of Use shall still apply to other Users.

Article 24 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

24.1 The official language of Terms of Use is Japanese and it is the Japanese language that is authentic for Terms of Use. The governing law is Japanese laws.
24.2 All parties related to the use of the Service consent that Fukuoka District Court has exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance with respect to any dispute arising from or in connection with Terms of Use.

Change Order Information

After an order is received, we cannot make any changes to your order content or delivery address.

Please cancel the order and place a new order.

Cancel an Order

Before an Order is Prepared for Dispatch

After purchase, customers can cancel an order themselves if the order is not yet being prepared for dispatch.

After an order is canceled from My Orders, the refund will be processed.

Preparing for Dispatch / Already Dispatched

If the order status is [Preparing Order] or [Dispatched], the period to cancel has already passed.

Regarding the Receiving/Opening of Your Package

In order to protect the rights of our customers during international shipping, please do the following when you receive your package.

● Please open the package immediately after receiving it.

If there are any issues with the items received, please take photos and contact customer support immediately (refer to the linked pages below for details).

● If the outer packaging box is damaged or have traces of being opened at the time of delivery, please arrange to have the box opened at your jurisdictional post office in the presence of a postal service employee.

If any of the following should occur, refuse the package and request to have it return to the sender.

— There are defective items

— You received something different from what you ordered

— There are missing items in the box

Compensation for Undelivered Orders

Applicable Orders

Those confirmed to be lost/missing

Those returned to Japan after being refused by local customs

Those returned to Japan due to the shipping label being lost/missing, etc.

Compensation Process

Please contact us from the [Contact Us] form on [Home Page]. will file an investigation with Japan Post.

If Japan Post determines the claim is applicable for compensation, will process the refund.

Shipping related compensation is made through Japan Post.

Investigation carried out by Japan Post may be time consuming.


Merchandise total

International shipping fee

Refund Methods

Refunds can be either made to the payment method used to pay for the order.

Compensation for Delivered Orders

If you receive a damaged item, you will need to submit photos of the item(s) as well as the cardboard shipping box to our customer support team.

Furthermore, in the case where you need to submit a damage report to the local postal service, you will also be asked to submit together the cardboard shipping box and the protective packing materials inside. Therefore, please do not discard them.

Applicable Orders

Missing item(s)

Wrong item(s) received

Defective/Expired item(s) received

Item(s) damaged due to inadequate protective packaging

Compensation Process

Please contact us from the [Contact Us] form on [Home Page].

(Please be sure to include photos of the applicable item(s).) will review the claim.

Once the content of the claim is confirmed by the ,  will issue the compensation.

Compensation of defective products is made through .


Cost of merchandise

Refund Methods

Refunds can be either made to the payment method used to pay for the order.

Compensation Procedure for Damaged Orders

※ If the items arrived in a damaged condition, please contact within 8 days of receipt. When submitting an inquiry to us, please prepare the following materials as explained in 1~3 in advance.

1. Take pictures of the package

Please take pictures of the outer cardboard box, the contents in the box, and the damaged item(s). Do NOT discard the damaged item(s), the cardboard box, and all packaging materials; please keep them properly without further opening them.

2. Contact your local post office

Bring along the photos you took earlier, together with the cardboard box, packaging materials and other contents, as well as the damaged item(s) to your post office.

3. File a Damage Report (CN24)

Request to file a Damage Report (CN24) with your post office.

After obtaining the damage report, take a clear picture of it so that the contents can be clearly seen, and save the image for submission to later on.

What is Damage Report (CN24)?

This is a certification issued by the local post office to confirm that a package arrived in a damaged condition or got lost. Format varies by country/territory.

If obtaining a damage report is not possible, please be sure to receive a written proof of damage from the delivery person or the local post office.

Please keep in mind that if more than 8 days have passed since the receipt of the package, or if the required materials are incomplete, an investigation may be unable to be carried out.

4. File an Investigation with Japan Post

Once 1~3 are completed, submit all the materials (pictures of the damaged package, damage report, etc.) to  and we will file an investigation with Japan Post.

During the investigation period, if you are contacted by your local post office, please kindly cooperate with them.

5. Notification of the investigation result and compensation

Investigation period varies by the type of shipping method, which may range from 2 weeks to 6 months.

If the investigation result shows that the item(s) were damaged during shipping and delivery, compensation will be issued by Japan Post.

Under the compensation system of the postal service, the value of the merchandise and shipping fee declared on the shipping label will be covered.

Please understand that if only partial damage occurred, shipping fee will not be covered.


Please note that compensation is not applicable in some cases.

Compensation is not applicable in the following cases:

More than 8 days have passed from delivery

There is no problem with the item received (the item is delivered as described)

There is no problem with the item received, but you are unsatisfied with the product

You are unable to provide detailed information pertinent to the compensation

In the event of a natural disaster, abnormal weather, planned power outage or other unavoidable circumstances

You return an item without prior notice

The order is returned for any of the following personal reasons:

Item exceeded the holding period at the post office

Item was refused by the recipient

Address unknown

Failure to pay customs fees

Refund Policy

Refunds will be issued after the compensation details have been confirmed.

Please allow ample time for us to confirm the details of your order and claim. Customer Support will guide you through the refund process once the details of your compensation have been confirmed.

Your patience is requested while we work towards resolving the issue for you.

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